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WarpBuild runners are built to be the fastest CI/CD platform in the world. We pair the fastest processors with blazing fast SSDs and high bandwidth networking to give you the best performance possible.

WarpBuild runners are designed to be drop-in replacements for GitHub-hosted runners. They are fully compatible with GitHub Actions. Refer to the customizations section for more information. All WarpBuild runners are run on ephemeral VMs for maximum isolation and security. This means that they are freshly allocated when you need them and destroyed when the workflow is complete.

We currently support Linux on x86-64 and ARM64 architectures. We are working on adding support for MacOS with Windows support to follow.

Linux x86-64

Runner TagOSCPUMemoryStoragePriceAliases
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-2xUbuntu 22.042 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.004/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-2x
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-4xUbuntu 22.044 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.008/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-4x
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-8xUbuntu 22.048 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.016/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-8x
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-16xUbuntu 22.0416 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.032/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-16x
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-32xUbuntu 22.0432 vCPU128GB150GB SSD$0.064/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-32x
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-2xUbuntu 24.042 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.004/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-4xUbuntu 24.044 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.008/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-8xUbuntu 24.048 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.016/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-16xUbuntu 24.0416 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.032/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-32xUbuntu 24.0432 vCPU128GB150GB SSD$0.064/minute

The Linux x86-64 runner images have the same tooling installed as GitHub-hosted runners. Runner storage is ephemeral and will be deleted when the runner is terminated.

Linux ARM64

Runner TagCPUMemoryStoragePriceAliases
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-2x2 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.003/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-2x
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-4x4 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.006/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-4x
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-8x8 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.012/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-8x
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-16x16 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.024/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-16x
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-32x32 vCPU128GB150GB SSD$0.048/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-32x

The Linux ARM64 runner images are based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. These images are lean and it is recommended that you install the tooling you need in your workflow. Runner storage is ephemeral and will be deleted when the runner is terminated.

MacOS M2 Pro on ARM64

Runner TagCPUMemoryStoragePriceAliases
warp-macos-latest-arm64-6x6 vCPU14GB64GB SSD$0.08/minutewarp-macos-13-arm64-6x
warp-macos-14-arm64-6x6 vCPU14GB64GB SSD$0.08/minute

The comparable GitHub-hosted runner is macos-latest-xlarge with 6 vCPUs (M1) and 14GB of memory. The WarpBuild runner is 25-40% faster than the GitHub-hosted runner and is 2x cheaper.

WarpBuild uniquely offers M2 Pro based MacOS runners built on ARM64 architecture. These runners are based on MacOS 13 and have the same tooling installed as GitHub-hosted runners, functioning as drop-in replacements. Compared to the Intel-based runners, the M2 Pro based runners can be up to 6x faster.


  1. MacOS runners are currently in beta and operate with limited concurrency. Please contact us through the in-app support widget for increasing concurrency.
  2. macos-latest runners from GitHub are based on Intel architecture and are significantly slower than the M2 Pro based runners. However, workflow files may need to be updated if you are using architecture-specific tooling.
  3. MacOS runners do not support nested virtualization and cannot run docker.
  4. macos-14 runners are in beta in upstream GitHub. For this reason, WarpBuild will continue to have the latest tag point to macos-13 runners.

Spot Instances

WarpBuild now supports spot instances for runners. Spot instances are 62.5% cheaper than GitHub actions runner instances and 25% cheaper than standard WarpBuild runners.

  • Naming convention: warp-<os>-<version>-<arch>-<cpu>x-spot. Note the -spot suffix.
  • The configuration for spot instances is the same as the WarpBuild standard instances.
  • The only difference is the price.
  • Spot instances are ideal for short workloads that can be interrupted and restarted.
  • They are not recommended for critical deploy tasks that may leave the workflow in a dirty state (for example, tofu apply steps).

Here is the configuration and pricing table for spot instances:

Runner TagOSCPUMemoryStoragePriceAliases
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-2x-spotUbuntu 22.042 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.003/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-2x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-4x-spotUbuntu 22.044 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.006/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-4x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-8x-spotUbuntu 22.048 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.012/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-8x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-16x-spotUbuntu 22.0416 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.024/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-16x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-32x-spotUbuntu 22.0432 vCPU128GB150GB SSD$0.048/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-32x-spot
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-2x-spotUbuntu 24.042 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.003/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-4x-spotUbuntu 24.044 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.006/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-8x-spotUbuntu 24.048 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.012/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-16x-spotUbuntu 24.0416 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.024/minute
warp-ubuntu-2404-x64-32x-spotUbuntu 24.0432 vCPU128GB150GB SSD$0.048/minute
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-2x-spotUbuntu 22.042 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.00225/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-2x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-4x-spotUbuntu 22.044 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.0045/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-4x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-8x-spotUbuntu 22.048 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.09/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-8x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-16x-spotUbuntu 22.0416 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.018/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-16x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-32x-spotUbuntu 22.0432 vCPU128GB150GB SSD$0.036/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-32x-spot


When a spot instance is reclaimed, the job is terminated and does not restart. This is for two reasons: github doesn't provide an easy way to re-trigger the job without user-side changes (like adding dispatch events). Secondly, not all CI jobs are idempotent or "safe" to be run multiple times, like deployments, IAC apply etc. We leave handling reruns up to the user.


The features that are Generally Available (GA) support unlimited concurrency. This means that workflows can spin up any number of jobs in parallel, and any number of workflows can run in parallel. The features that are in beta support may not support unlimited concurrency.


WarpBuild provides a blazing fast, unlimited cache for GitHub Action runners. This cache can be used to store build artifacts, dependencies, and other files that are needed across builds. The cache is designed to be fast, reliable, and secure. The cache is available on all Linux based runners and is enabled by default. More details can be found in the cache documentation.

WarpBuild Agent

The WarpBuild agent is present on the runner and is used to communicate with the WarpBuild platform for runner configuration and cleanup. The agent is open source and can be found here.

Coming soon

  1. Automated Buildkit caching for Docker builds which speed up builds by up to 10x.
  2. Windows runners
  3. Nested virtualization: x86-64 runners will support nested virtualization starting in Apr-May 2024.