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Public Github Repos

WarpBuild works by registering itself as a self-hosted runner in the Default runner group (id 1) for your Github Organization. However, Github disables the ability to use self-hosted runners, including managed ones such as WarpBuild, in public repositories by default.

Enable WarpBuild runners in public repositories

Here are the steps to enable access to WarpBuild runners in public repositories in your organization:

  1. Go to your Github Organization default runner settings page here:<<YOUR_ORG>>/settings/actions/runner-groups/1
  2. Check the box for Allow public repositories

Github Enterprise

Github Enterprise supports creation of multiple runner groups. The WarpBuild runners are added to the Default runner group (id 1).

Enable WarpBuild on public repos


WarpBuild runners run the same tools and versions as Github-hosted runners. WarpBuild runners provide the same safety as Github hosted runners.