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What is WarpBuild?

WarpBuild provides blazing fast, secure runners for Github Actions. WarpBuild uses machines with super fast single core performance and attached NVMe disks for enabling fast builds. This is coupled with ephemeral VMs for security and isolation.

The runners are designed to be fully compatible with Github Actions, and can be used as a drop-in replacement for Github-hosted runners. The same packages are pre-installed on the runners for a seamless experience. Your existing github actions will run without any changes.

Provisioning fast runners is the first step on our mission to make build engineering better, through a rich ecosystem of tools, runners, and dashboards for visibility.

Supported runners

  1. Ubuntu x86-64 runners - 2vCPU, 4vCPU, and 16vCPU variants
  2. Ubuntu ARM64 runners - 2vCPU, 4vCPU, and 16vCPU variants
  3. MacOS ARM64 runners - powered by M2 Pro processors with 6vCPU and 14GB RAM


  1. 30% faster than GitHub Actions, 50% the price
  2. Secure VM-level isolation for your workloads
  3. Easy debugging - SSH into running Github actions workflows
  4. Fast IO with fully SSD backed volumes
  5. Powerful machines optimized for build workloads
  6. Unlimited concurrency for eliminating job queueing delays
  7. Nested virtualization support

Coming soon

  1. Build Insights and Analytics
  2. Faster distributed caching
  3. Windows runners
  4. Custom runner images ... and more!

Use cases

  1. Plain ol’ GIthub actions, but faster, cheaper, and awesomer
  2. Easy debugging: SSH into a running workflow using Action-Debugger
  3. Nested virtualization for running firecracker, VMs, custom hypervisors, inside of your linux-based workflow
  4. Running android emulators in CI
  5. Spinning up kubernetes clusters in CI
  6. Run as a VM, not as a container, for workloads that don’t work in dind or kind environments


  1. Action-debugger: SSH into running Github actions workflows for easy debugging