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Custom Runners

Choose from available CPU and disk presets to fit your price-performance preferences from the Custom Runners page.

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The overall price for the selected configuration is displayed. Create or update custom runners

CPU configurations

ConfigDescriptionArchCapacity TypePrice per 1vCPU
largeHigh performance, current generation processorsx64OnDemand$0.00126
mediumHigh performance, previous generation processorsx64OnDemand$0.00108
smallBurst performance, older generation processorsx64OnDemand$0.0009
largeHigh performance, current generation processorsarm64OnDemand$0.000945
mediumHigh performance, previous generation processorsarm64OnDemand$0.00081
smallBurst performance, older generation processorsarm64OnDemand$0.000675
largeHigh performance, current generation processorsx64Spot$0.000945
mediumHigh performance, previous generation processorsx64Spot$0.00081
smallBurst performance, older generation processorsx64Spot$0.000675
largeHigh performance, current generation processorsarm64Spot$0.000506
mediumHigh performance, previous generation processorsarm64Spot$0.000608
smallBurst performance, older generation processorsarm64Spot$0.000709

Disk configurations

ConfigStorageIOPSThroughput (MB/s)Price

Disk configurations


The specific workflow runtime depends on various factors beyond just disk and CPU performance. It's a good idea to understand whether the workflow is CPU bound or IO bound for choosing the optimal configuration for your workflow.

A general rule to note is that the network infrastructure speeds (> 900MBps) are much higher than the disk throughput (~250-1000 MBps) and is unlikely to be a bottleneck. However, it could still be the limiting factor if the source (example: dockerhub) does not support high data transfer speeds.