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WarpBuild provides a blazing fast, unlimited cache for GitHub Action runners. This cache can be used to store build artifacts, dependencies, and other files that are needed across builds. The cache is designed to be fast, reliable, and secure.


WarpBuild cache can be used by replacing the actions/cache@v4 action with the warpbuilds/cache action. The warpbuilds/cache action is fully compatible with the actions/cache@v4 action and can be used as a drop-in replacement.

Refer to the GitHub Actions cache documentation for more information on how to use the cache.

uses: WarpBuilds/cache@v1

The cache is designed to be fast, reliable, and secure. The cache is available on all Linux based runners and is enabled by default.


Cache save and restore operations are optimized for throughput. Here are some performance benchmarks:

1 jobCache save500MB3s11s
1 jobCache restore500MB3s4s
10 jobsCache save500MB3s11s
10 jobsCache restore500MB3s4s
25 jobsCache restore500MB3s7s
50 jobsCache restore500MB2s4s
100 jobsCache restore500MB2.5s4s
1 jobCache save5GB30s131s
1 jobCache restore5GB29s40s
10 jobsCache restore5GB21s35.5s
25 jobsCache restore5GB22s34s
50 jobsCache restore5GB23s34s
100 jobsCache restore5GB25s33s

The elapsed time and throughput are the median values across 9 runs. The performance is ~35% improvement in cache restores and a ~75% improvement in cache save times.


Storage$0.20 per GB-month
Cache write/restore/list$0.001 per operation


  1. actions/setup-* will continue to use the GitHub cache. WarpBuild cache support for these setup actions is coming soon.
  2. WarpBuild cache is compatible with the actions/cache@v4 action.