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  • Warp Insights is now available for all users. Insights provides a detailed view of your build and deployment activity, including build times, build success rates, and deployment success rates. The first report showing CI Health is live. A lot of exciting features are coming soon, so stay tuned! CI Health Dashboard

  • Added a portal to view previous billing statements and update the billing email. This can be accessed from the billing page. Manage Billing

  • Added a new status page to provide real-time updates on the status of the Warp platform. Status Page

  • Infrastructure updates to improve the stability and performance of the platform. This also improves the utilization of the underlying compute.

  • We shipped support for macos-14 runners, powered by Apple M2 Pro chips.

  • Improved disk and network performance for all runners.


  • Improvements to the table layouts so it easier to navigate.
  • Updated GitHub actions runner version to v2.313.0.


  • Fixed an issue with the billing page where the billing and usage info is missing.
  • Mitigated some scenarios where builds in progress were getting terminated.
  • Enable retries for endpoints for seamless recovery.